About the workshops at the Soanes Centre

  • All our workshops involve investigation and include recording of results where applicable.

  • We facilitate the workshops, but supervision and health and safety remains the schoolteacher’s responsibility, we request that you bring enough adults for the adequate supervision of the children. We request that you bring a minimum of 4 adults for a KS1 class and a minimum of 3 adults per class for KS2. If your class has less than 15 pupils, a minimum of 2 adults per class is sufficient.

  • Currently all classes take part in the park. Please ensure the children are equipped with footwear appropriate for a woodland environment and a coat/jacket with a hood in damp or wet weather or a head covering in very hot weather.

How to make a booking:

Please contact the Centre Manager via phone -020 8252 6644or email-sigrid@soanescentre.org

Workshops are charged as follows: ( for up to 30 pupils per workshop)

Per STEM workshop ; £95 for TH schools/£125 all other schools for our curriculum workshops                                             

For Forest School (up to 30 pupils in 2 groups of 15)

£200 per day to TH schools (minimum booking is 1 day)

£240 per day for Non-TH schools ( minimum booking is 1 day)

After confirmation workshops can be cancelled without charge up to 5 days before the workshop date or anytime free of charge due to new government rule changes or other Covid19 related change in circumstance.

Special Educational Needs


We welcome children with special needs (both Special Needs classes and individual children) and can adapt any of our workshops to suit your class. The Soanes Centre and its large pond are wheelchair accessible, as are the main paths in the park. If your class includes children with individual SEN it is helpful for us if you can tell at the time of booking but it is important to tell us before the start of the class