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Our workshops are a popular highlight in our schools’ calendars with many schools bringing classes to us year after year.  Soanes Centre workshops are aligned to the National Curriculum and designed to complement learning on particular topics.  Workshops provide context for classroom learning, ‘hooks’ for further work back in the classroom and – most importantly – the chance for children to get their hands dirty and ‘have a go’. 

Learning by doing is our motto and all our workshops involve investigation with children recording their findings where applicable, reinforcing the tried and tested ‘scientific method’.  We treat children as budding scientists, encourage curiosity and take their questions seriously.


We facilitate the workshops, but supervision and health and safety remains the schoolteacher’s responsibility.  For this reason, we request that you bring enough adults for the adequate supervision of the children (a minimum of 4 adults for a KS1 class and a minimum of 3 adults per class for KS2. If your class has fewer than 15 pupils, a minimum of 2 adults per class is sufficient.)


The vast majority of workshops involve some time working in the park. Children and their accompanying adults should wear shoes that are appropriate for a woodland environment and bring a coat or jacket with a hood in damp or wet weather or a head covering in very hot weather.

​Most workshops are 1.5 to 2 hours in duration and cost £125 for a class of up to 30 children.  See our Bookings page for more details and FAQs.  You can view our full list of workshops here.


We welcome children with special educational needs (both SEND classes and individual children within a class) and can adapt any of our workshops to suit your class. The Soanes Centre is wheelchair accessible, as are the main paths in the park. If your class includes children with individual SEND it is helpful for us if you can tell us before the start of the class – preferably at the time of booking, so that we can plan any necessary adjustments.


So many objectives covered, Lots of technical languages and appropriate experiments, Good NC objectives. Workshop leader was amazing, So great with the children and so engaging. The children loved it

Rocks and Weathering

This workshop helped the children to really understand what animals are and why we classify them. This also helped their close observation skills.

Classifying Minibeasts

They had to think about the characteristics to classify the creatures, bringing the system to life. Excellent session, great experience and great learning. Enjoyed by both the adults and the children. Thank you.

Classifying Pond Life
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