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Who are the workshops for?

We offer workshops to school classes of all Key stages, from Foundation Stage to KS4 ( Nursery to A-Level)


Do we have to come to you?

Our Primary science workshops take place at the Soanes Centre.  STEM workshops are usually delivered at your school but some can take place here at the Centre, subject to classroom availability

How much does it cost?

Most workshops at the centre are charged at £125 (£105 for Tower Hamlet schools) per 1.5 - 2 hour workshop for up to 30 children. (Fantastic Forces workshop is charged at £150 - £125 for Tower Hamlet schools - to cover the cost of materials; Electric Circuits has a surcharge of 80p per child for the same reason).  Classes with fewer than 15 children pay half the normal rate.  Forest School sessions are £250 for up to 30 children.

How many children can attend a workshop?

Our classroom at the Soanes Centre is big enough for a class of up to 30 pupils.  Workshops at your school can accommodate more children if space allows but we do ask you to keep groups to a manageable size.


Can the Soanes Centre accommodate children in wheelchairs?

Yes, the Soanes Centre is fully accessible, we have an accessible toilet and the main pond and main paths of the park are also wheelchair accessible.

My class has pupils with SEND.  Can we come?

Of course! We welcome children with special needs (both Special Needs classes and individual children) and can adapt any of our workshops to suit your class.   If your class includes children with individual SEND it is helpful for us if you can tell us before the start of the class – preferably at the time of booking, so that we can plan any necessary adjustments.


What times are your workshops?

Primary science workshops at the Soanes Centre usually take place from 10am to 12 noon in the morning and from 1pm to 3pm in the afternoon. These times can be changed by mutual agreement at booking. Workshops in your school are at a time convenient to you and your school.

What time of year do you run workshops?

We offer workshops throughout the year. Some workshops can only be done in the appropriate season (e.g. Seed dispersal) and others offer more variety of study subjects at certain times of the year. You will find the best times for each workshop mentioned in the workshop description.


How many adults do we have to bring?

Supervision and health and safety remain the responsibility of the lead adult/teacher whilst your group is at the Soanes Centre.  For this reason, we ask that you bring a minimum of 4 adults for KS1 and younger: 3 adults per KS2 class and 2 adults for a KS3 or 4 group.   For groups of fewer than 15 pupils, a minimum of 2 adults per class is sufficient.

What do we have to bring with us?

You do not have to bring anything but enthusiasm and curiosity!  However, both adults and children need to be dressed appropriately  for a woodland environment.  This means sturdy flat footwear, which might get dirty or muddy.  In cold and wet weather  a waterproof coat or jacket with hood is essential – rain does not stop play at the Soanes Centre!   In hot weather a head covering is advisable. We strongly recommended that children and adults keep their legs covered to protect from nettles and other thorny plants.

How do we get to you?

The Soanes Centre is just inside the main entrance to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (Southern Grove, E3 4PX ) -  just off the Mile End, Bow and Burdett Roads.

The nearest Tube Stations is Mile End (Central and District Lines) (5 Min Walk)
The nearest DLR Station is Bow Church (10 Min Walk)
The following buses stop near Mile End Station: D6, D7, 25, 205, 277, 323, 339, 425.


Note that children under the age of 11 (in groups of up to 30) can travel for free on buses. Only the adults in the party have to pay.


The whole school group can travel for free  after 9.30am on any public transport by applying for printable tickets 14 days in advance.  For details see the TfL website.

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