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Katie Barnes

Interim CEO

Katie took on the role of Interim CEO in 2021, following the retirement of founding Director, Bernie Holloway.  She had been been a trustee of the charity for 8 years prior to that and, whilst not local to Tower Hamlets (Katie lives in Suffolk), Katie strongly supports the work Setpoint does to encourage children to be curious about the world around them and confident to follow career paths that inspire them (she can frequently be heard to say that, if she had known engineering was a 'thing' when at school, she would have studied it at university!).  

In her spare time Katie loves to cook, to enjoy walks (and sometimes runs) in nature and to relax with a good book.  Her main hobby is choral singing, performing in concerts and as part of a visiting choir, leading cathedral services around the country when their own choirs are on holiday.  

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