Guided Walks & Talks in the Park

A guided nature walk led by our workshop leader in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Nature Reserve

Duration: 1 Hour weather permitting

Costs:  £10 per 5 children in July 2020,

            £20 per 5 children in September 2020

Covid 19 H&S Guidelines:

  • No more than 15 children

  • Teacher plus two helpers ( 5 and less children – teacher and one helper)

  • The activity takes place wholly in the park.

  • No use of the Soanes centre classroom

  • No use of equipment by children

  • For part or all of the time, a part of the park will be cordoned off from the public

  • School brings own First Aid kit

  • No use of the toilet facilities except in emergency, workshop leader will explain the rules

  • Schools need to  advises us of any additional H&S requirements prior to any booking

Contact for bookings in July: Dimuthu Meehitiya,

Contact for bookings in September (and beyond): Sigrid Werner,

Setpoint London East
Soanes Centre
Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park
Southern Grove, Bow
London   E3 4PX
020 8252 6644   

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