Workshop Statistics

In the school year 2017/2018 we taught 279 workshops at the centre reaching 7291 pupils (and 30 teacher trainees). This compares to 276 workshops and 7040 pupils ( and 60 teacher trainees) in the previous year and 273 workshops and 7073 pupils in the year before that 

What teachers say:

"Fantastic, practical, hands-on learning. Children were really engaged active learners".(Materials)

"Interactive, practical and technical. All our children were totally engaged! (Rocks and Weathering)

"So many objectives covered, Lots of technical languages and appropriate experiments, Good NC objectives. Workshop leader was amazing, So great with the children and so engaging. The children loved it." (Rocks and Weathering)

"My pupils were very engaged and have now got an excellent basis of knowledge to learn about space. The resources at school are limited, This gives real life scenerios. Very engaging and enjoyable."   (Earth, Sun and Moon)

"Brilliant start to our topic. Good use of resources and equipment to explain concepts. Thank you very much. Brilliant hands on activity. Very helpful." ( Habitats)


"They had to think about the characteristics to classify the creatures, bringing the system to life. Excellent session, great experience and great learning. Enjoyed by both the adults and the children. Excellent workshop. Thank you." (Classifying Pond Life)

"This workshop helped the children to really understand what animals are and why we classify them. This also helped their close observation skills." ( Classifying Minibeasts)

"Supported the development of scientific vocabulary, understanding of keys and allowed pupils to gain first hand experience of classification. Workshop leader was fab! Thank you" (Classifying Pond Life)