This workshop can be used as part of work on forces and scientific investigations.The class are first shown how, by winding up the elastic band on a rubber band buggy and then releasing it, the buggy will move. They then consider the factors which determine how far the buggy moves. Management of the discussion leads the class to investigate how the distance travelled depends on the number of twists in the rubber band. The class is then divided into groups, each equipped with their own buggy and unique set of coloured stickers. Groups make their measurements and display each result on a large communal graph by placing a coloured sticker in the appropriate place. The illustration shows a typical graph. The graph is then used as a focus for discussion.

Year Group: 4-5

Maximum group size per session: 32

Room requirements: Hall or Classroom with floor space for running buggies

Duration: just over 1 hour

Cost: £85 plus £15 materials cost